Optimal Livestock Services is leading the way into the future of successful sheep production. Coupling our specialized animal health skills with years of industry knowledge and expertise, we provide producers and their veterinarians a complete resource for sustainable herd health.

Optimal Livestock Services is focused on assisting producers in maximizing profitability. We work very closely with veterinary practitioners to optimize herd health and breeding soundness through management excellence and consistent technical practices.

You no longer have to hope for quality breeding stock. We can test and ensure the best rams and ewes are populating your herd to yield bountiful lamb crops. We can also assist you through one-on-one consultation to develop the best practices to keep your herd healthy and at minimum risk.


Optimal Livestock Services, LLC offers solutions to our valued sheep producer clients including:

We are able to customize our services to meet your needs, maximize use of your budget, and attain your production and profit goals. Let Optimal Livestock Services be the experts in your corner this breeding season!

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