Ram Breeding Soundness Evaluations

Rams provide 80% of the genetic change to your sheep flock, don’t short cut their care. A healthy ram is the key to accomplishing your livestock production goals. Optimal Livestock Services specializes in and offers a Ram Breeding Soundness Evaluation service to sheep producers in Colorado, Wyoming and the surrounding states. Ram Breeding Soundness Evaluations should be conducted prior to each breeding season to evaluate each ram’s breeding potential. It includes a physical examination with an emphasis on the reproductive tract and a semen evaluation. It’s time to get rid of the less productive rams & increase your sheep flock profits, improving overall flock reproductive efficiency by producing more lambs in a shorter period of time; maximizing utilization of ram breeding potential (higher ewe to ram ratio); as well as decreasing the number of open ewes.

Our equipment is completely mobile; our panels and custom made chute can be attached to your pen and alleyway. Our mobile lab utilizes phase contrast microscopy to ensure optimal results. The computerized data output provides you the necessary information to make sound livestock management decisions. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

Improving Ram Productivity Brochure

Producer Perspective

For further information or to schedule your flock’s ram breeding soundness evaluations, contact Geri Parsons at (970) 231-2477 or by email at geri.parsons@OptimalAg.com.