Sheep Ultrasound Pregnancy Detection

Optimal Livestock Services  offers a sheep ultrasound pregnancy detection service to sheep producers in Colorado, Wyoming, and the surrounding states interested in determining the pregnancy status of their ewes. Open ewes cost you money. Now is the time to determine which ewes in your flock are pregnant and turn those open ewes into cash. Cut down on those feed costs and take advantage of the current high prices for cull ewes. This service can also include fetal counts, if desired, to enable optimal sorting of pregnant ewes into pre-lambing nutritional programs.

We use the Ovi-Scan 6  scanner from BCF Technology Ltd in Livingston for all our sheep and goat scanning work. Together with our Eric Barlow custom constructed preg checking chute this makes our flock work efficient and accurate. Geri Parsons, our lead technician, has accurately scanned thousands of sheep and goats throughout the Rocky Mountain region over the last ten years. Give her a call today to find out what she can do for you.

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For further information or to schedule your sheep ultrasound service, contact Geri Parsons today at (970) 231-2477 or by email at